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 Official opening of new Mondaine Factory

     01.03.2010 | Official Opening Mondaine House

     Today Mondaine officially opened with a new modern factory and new distribution center
     that houses the long-established Mondaine Watch Ltd. and the newly created Marlox AG.

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New Mondaine Factory
17.08.2009 | New Factory in Biberist

These days the move into the new factory is well on the way. We will start next week with production in the new facility.


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Tradition and Innovation
Hi13.04.2007 | Mondaine Watch Ltd.

What was the credo for the company founder is still alive: a tradition of innovation that continues to live on in every way at Mondaine. The independant family business has a keen sense for predicting the demands and wishes of a clientele that is accustomed to high quality.

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 Short History of Mondaine Group
Hi01.01.2005 | Milestones and Anniversarys

Find a full list of all the milestones of Mondaine Watch Ltd. since its foundation in the 1950s.

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