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Mondaine Breaks Ground for new Factory

The Mondaine premises in Biberist will be completed in August 2009. The three-story building in Solothurn, Switzerland, situated directly on the river Aare, is being constructed in accordance with the very latest state of the art in terms of production facilities, distribution centers, logistics and ecology.

This is probably the first watch-making factory in Switzerland, where the watch production is designed in the form of a "clean room" with double security entrance and exit gates. Employees bring components through these gates into a permanently dust-free, temperature and humidity controlled production room. Highly purified air flows from a special ceiling to the floor and from here, after passing through a treatment system, back into the ceiling filters. As such, the watches are assembled in what are - in terms of dust and humidity - consistently ideal conditions for a Swiss-made quality watch. The watches are assembled with the aid of assembly devices which, with up to eight hands per watch, are operated and monitored by employees using VDUs. Other high-tech systems, including automatic testing equipment, which tests the watches for their waterproof qualities, facilitate precision and cost-efficient production. The finished products remain at the exit gate for 24 to 48 hours for additional preparation, ready for their final inspection.

At Mondaine, the watch components pass through all the production facilities according to the just-in-time principle within the space of one day. Every customer order, no matter how small or large, is individually produced and once all the checks have been completed, is packaged ready for shipment.

With a logistics area covering over 4,000 m2, the distribution center is used for storing component parts and marketing materials, in addition to housing the finished warehouse for watches and jewelry, which are shipped off, ready-packaged, to specialty and department stores.

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